Join Arizona Woodturners Association (AWA)

What is AWA and AAW?

The Arizona Woodturners Association (AWA) in Phoenix, Arizona is a proud chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).  We are dedicated to training, preserving and inspiring the art of woodturning.  We are excited about the revival interest in woodturning.  People’s imaginations have shown the world that turning is a true and pure form of art.  This organization is busy!  All ages both men and women are actively having fun with woodturning!

We encourage each of our members also to join the American Association of Woodturners. The information you can gather thru this national organization is second to none.  AAW membership includes:  2800 online projects, articles, videos and tips;  360 online videos searchable by topic;  12,000 images of member work for inspiration and ideas; 365 affiliated chapters to search (when you are traveling, stop in at a club); back issues of magazines and publications to browse; symposiums – just to mention a few benefits!  Check out AAW today!

Let the chips fly!

Why get an AWA membership?

We are asked if you need to live in AZ to be an AWA member?  No, you do not.  We have lots of goodies for members only.  Each monthly meeting is recorded and live for AWA members only.  At $40 for a new member – it is a great deal!  Everyone welcome!

Please browse and explore our website!  Stay safe.  Each month we have a demonstration with an Instant Gallery, President’s challenge and raffle.  These meetings are by invitation for AWA members.

In-person at the Pyle Center in Tempe, AZ and virtual meetings by Zoom for AWA Members.

Visitors are welcome to one meeting before being asked to join.  Come check us out!

  • Information on monthly meetings
  • AWA Members forums – buy/sell items
  • Information/questions to all members
  • First option to classes from professional turners
  • Monthly demonstrations videoed – majority available online
  • ShopTalk – monthly online woodturning discussion
  • Gallery of amazing photos
  • Club Announcements
  • Club Projects
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Links – projects, business discounts, safety, handouts & more
  • Tips and Techniques
  • AAW information (American Association of Woodturners)
    • We are a chapter of the AAW
  • And lots more! join today!

This organization is busy! All ages both men and women are actively having fun with wood turning!

If you enjoy wood turning and enjoy learning new skills and meeting fellow wood turners, then the Arizona Woodturners Association (AWA) is a great venue.

You may also fill out the membership form and mail in a payment. 

Mail AWA Membership form 2023 to:

Arizona Woodturners Association, P.O. Box 12094 Tempe, AZ 85284





New Member Pricing  – once you are a member you get a yearly discount (except student).

Renewal $35 & $45

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Single NEW membership

At this time membership is for calendar year, expires Dec 31

Single adult membership for calendar year

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Family NEW membership*

*Family memberships include immediate family members residing at the same street address.

At this time membership is for calendar year, expires Dec 31

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Student membership**

** Student memberships are valid for individual members under the age of 21 with a valid student ID.