Non-Member List – Demonstrations 2024


Topic & Handouts



Video Link of demo
(For AWA members only)
January 20, 2024McNaughton Coring SystemRichard January
February 17, 2024
All Day demo
9am to 3:30pm
Turning and EmbellishmentsElizabeth Weber -
Pay all-day demonstration
Video will be available for those who pay for the demonstration - in person or Zoom.
March 16, 2024Weed Pot/Dry Bud vaseRich Fairbourn
April 20, 2024Tool Swap/Sale AND
Vacuum Chuck demonstrating
Bob Leonard demonstrates Vacuum Chuck
May 18, 2024Conquering the Skew & sharpening Pt 1Matt Clarke
June 15 2024Basic Bowl Turning / sharpeningCal Vander kooi
July 20, 20243-4 Short Demos - Water droplet & Milliput embellishing, Preparing for a ShowAWA Members - Dennis Cameron, Don Mitchell
August 17, 2024Vessells and Surfaces - IRDTrent Bosch - Remote demo
September 21, 2024Two easy pyrography methods for bowls and platters.Mary Schick
October 19, 2024IRD - won from Christmas contest AND Part 2 Sharpening Alan Stratton and Matt Clarke
November 9 or 16, 2024

All-day demo
TBD Video will be available to those who paid for the demonstration - in person or on Zoom.
December 2024
Holiday GatheringOrnament Exchange - Raffles - Silent Auction - no Instant Gallery or President's Challenge or Demonstration