Donate Options

Why donate to AWA?

  • You are a champion of the woodturning community.
  • You are dedicated to woodturning and the AWA’s educational mission.
  • You want others to discover a passion for the craft.
  • You want to help shape the future of woodturning for generations to come.

What can be donated?

The AWA greatly appreciates cash donations to its general fund or to one of its specific educational programs.  However, tools, equipment and supplies can also be donated. This is a great option if you have extra tools laying around your shop that you know longer use. Instead of selling them on craigslist or in a garage sale or bringing them to Goodwill, consider donating them to the AWA. The AWA will use them in their Kundrat Leaning Center (KLC) or sell them with all proceeds going to one of the AWA programs.

General Fund

If you make a general fund designation you will be supporting the regular monthly program which provides ongoing educational activities for the membership of AWA. This helps to fund monthly demonstrations, video access to meetings, support of our woodturning library and other expenses in running this organization. There are no paid people involved other than demonstrators so the funds will go directly to association expenses that benefit members.

Kundrat Learning Center

This Kundrat Learning Center, the use of which was donated by Diane Kundrat in memory of her late husband Mickey Kundrat, is known as the KLC. This shop is a physical location where the AWA can hold classes in all aspects of woodturning. There are classes for beginning turners so they can learn the basics, try out a variety of tools and lathes, and provides workshops/classes on various woodturning techniques for all level of turners. The AWA has big plans for this hands-on learning center but tools and equipment, along with money are needed to bring the KLC to full fruition.

Donation Options

AWA is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization and membership dues cover only a portion of expenses for our member programs and services. That’s why the AWA relies on the generous support of our member community and others for additional underwriting.

We invite you to help advance our educational mission while supporting the woodturning community and enriching your own woodturning experience. A gift to AWA reflects your support of our mission, a dedication to woodturning, and an investment in the future of the art form. Additionally, your gift will help AWA strengthen Arizona communities and enrich lives through such project as the Beads of Courage program for children with severe medical needs.

AWA is an efficient organization and 100% of your tax-deductible (U.S. residents) donation directly supports woodturning education and service programs for the woodturning community.

Shorty Fund

This program was set up in memory of Clarence Hart, known to all as Shorty, to provide learning opportunities for young people so as to encourage them to enjoy woodturning as a hobby, avocation and artform they can enjoy as adults.

If you are looking to name an education fund after someone who has good character, honest, always teaching and educating about woodturning – “Clarence “Shorty” Hart is your perfect candidate.  That’s how his friends talk about “Shorty,” a long-time member of AWA. “Shorty” went in to the US Navy at the beginning of WWII. He settled in Phoenix almost 50 years ago working construction and lighting up billboards all over the valley.

Although “Shorty” has now passed – his guidance and helping other turners made an impact.  Jason Clark (past President) was instrumental in changing the name of the AWA School Fund program to the “Shorty Fund” in honor of Clarence and his unselfishness to teach others.

Volunteers do demonstrations at local high schools and donate woodturning tools for their shop (bought thru the Shorty fund).

At our in-person meetings the 50-50 raffle donations go to the Shorty fund.

Women in Turning

This program was started by our national organization, the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), to encourage more women to get involved in woodturning. We provide learning opportunities, meetings, scholarships to symposiums and general comradery among the women members of our organization and those who wish to become members.