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The AWA tries twice a year to bring in professional woodturners to give an all-day demo and teach hands-on classes.

February hands-on classes with Nick Agar will be held at Southwest Woodworking School in Phoenix:
Address: 621 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007
9am to 4pm

Wednesday, Feb. 22, has an open slot — take a Hands-on Class with Nick Agar!

Sign up by clicking here:  One Day Vase on February 22.  (2 openings)

 Class Descriptions below

Check out the Nick Agar Website here


November 2023

visiting Professional Woodturner is Sally Ault

All-Day demo on November 18 

November Classes TBD before the All-day demo

Kundrat Learning Center


Classes are scheduled frequently at the Kundrat Learning Center (KLC) in Gilbert.  Check out their page.

Vase - one day Nick Agar Class

What is the Vase Class all about?

Limit 8 students –  Click here to signup

“A project that paid my rent for over a decade!”

This vase type of form lends itself to good spindle practice at the lathe.

8″ x 3″ thick spindle stock (wood supplied).

The Top part of the form is an inverted cone like a trumpet.  The body like a heart or apple and the stem of a wine glass all together to make a pleasing shape.

We will drill a hole but not do any actual hollowing work in the class due to time restrictions but will of course discuss the potential, plus possibly adding glass or plastic vials that take water etc.

We will learn bead and cove cuts as well as some planning with the skew and bowl gouge.

Decorative areas may be added by choice of each student to the body of the vase by texture tools, airbrush or whatever is available.

The 3/8″-1/2″ spindle gouge, skew, parting tool and 1/2″ fingernail profiled bowl gouge will all be put to good use, sharpening advice, work holding, revert turning and safety all covered.